Legal Services

General Litigation

The Ricketts Law Offices’ civil and criminal litigation experience permits us to handle almost all things involving a court room. Not all cases or problems fit into a neat and tidy category of law; yet still require the court’s attention. In those circumstances, the Ricketts Law Offices is your best bet for qualified representation and sage wisdom. Charlie and Jonathan’s liberal approach toward practicing law gives them a unique ability to develop arguments and apply our body of law broadly for the benefit of their clients.

Personal Injury

If someone has injured you, the Ricketts Law Offices can represent you in ensuring that your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering are adequately compensated. Even if the other party isn’t insured, you may still be able to recover your damages. Strict time limitations apply, so call us immediately to discuss your situation.

Criminal Law

Whether is a speeding ticket or capital murder, Jonathan and Charlie Ricketts offer zealous and qualified representation. Charlie is most famously known for his defense of Melvin Henry Ignatow, a man charged with kidnapping and murder of his girlfriend. Ignatow’s defense and acquittal became the subject of Bob Hill’s book titled Double Jeopardy, NBC Dateline program and an American Justice television program. Most recently, both Charlie and Jonathan teamed to defend a homeless man, Derek Edmonds, accused of assault, robbery and sodomy in the death of another homeless man. This capital murder case was described by a Kentucky Supreme Court Justice as one of the most heinous and barbaric crimes ever committed. Jonathan and Charlie were successful in convincing a jury to spare this man from an almost certain penalty of death. Jonathan and Charlie handle all types of criminal matters no matter how complex or simple.

Family Law

Our family practice has been one of the most challenging areas of our practice, but it has also been one of the most personally satisfying. Charlie and Jonathan are always available to help people and families through the significant issues that face any family. No matter whether it is the joy and anticipation of adoption, the trying and complex environment facing guardians, or the heart-wrenching and emotional aspects of custody or divorce battles, we try hard to handle personal matters with dignity and respect. We have worked with and against Child Protective Services and have served as Court appointed Guardians. Our broad-based and liberal attitude towards the practice of law especially pays off in this area where all other types of law converge. More and more, divorces involve small businesses, criminal matters, licenses or inheritances, to name a few, and your attorney should have a broad perspective to give proper advice. A solid knowledge of appellate practice is necessary too when advising a client that an appeal in necessary.

Appellate Law

The Ricketts Law Offices has successfully litigated matters in Kentucky at every level of appeal including Original Actions with the Court of Appeals. Both Charlie and Jonathan handle appeals from administrative boards, universities, municipal authorities, licensesure boards and District Courts to the Attorney General’s Appeal Branch or Circuit Court, and from Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals and before the Kentucky Supreme Court. Recently, their labors and skill have resulted in the following opinions: Snodgrass v. Snodgrass, Commonwealth ex rel., Cabinet for Health and Family Services v. Daniel Clemente. In federal court, we successfully defended an appeal by the United States in the sentencing matter associated with the case of U.S. vs. KenAmerican Resources, Inc., before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Estate Planning

It’s never too early to think about caring for your lived ones after you’re gone. The Ricketts Law Offices is able to assist you in developing and carrying out your plans for your family at your death. The Ricketts Law Offices remains current on issues surrounding Medicaid, estate, gift and inheritance tax, as well as trusts that are needed during your life or at your death. Our experience has taken us to hospital beds at a moment’s notice to ensure these matters are handled in a timely way. In addition, both Charles and Jonathan serve as court appointed Guardians for permanently disabled clients whose needs require estate management.


The death of a loved one is hard to handle, and grief can turn into frustration when its time to settle the estate. Both Charlie and Jonathan Ricketts assist clients in efficiently navigating the probate process to protect the assets of the estate, transfer assets to heirs and carry out the wishes of the deceased.

Civil Rights

Most, but not all civil rights cases take the form of a wrongful arrest or excessive use of force by law enforcement. They also take the form of a government action or actor depriving individuals of a fundamental right guaranteed by our state or federal constitutions. Whatever your complaint, the Ricketts Law Offices, can assist you in evaluating and pursuing you claim against the government or official. Recently, we have been recognized for our work in Michael Davis vs. Unknown Troopers of the Kentucky State Police, a case from Owensboro, Kentucky filed in the U.S. District Court. Strict limitations apply in these cases, so be sure to contact us immediately to discuss your concerns.

Business & Corporate Law

Throughout the years Ricketts Law Offices, PLLC has incorporated many a business entity and has provided legal guidance to them as they grew in success. Business formations, (corporations, LLCs, and partnerships), are a regular service we provide. Because we kept our firm small and responsive, we can be there when you need us to review contract proposals, franchise agreements, etc.


The Ricketts Law Offices represents both landlords and tenants, in both residential and commercial leases. This area of law can be particularly technical and can lead a well-intentioned party to find himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit for non-compliance. Before you take action as a landlord or tenant, call us.

White Collar Crime

With the Sarbanes-Oxley Statute enactment our white color criminal practice has become a bit more exacting. The health care industry and the coal mining cases we see require early and analytical attention from the beginning in order to gain the initiative from the Government which typically has months of lead time before an indictment is sought from the Grand Jury. The earlier a case can be prepared by the defense for trial, the earlier the prosecutors will want to talk settlement. Both Charlie and Jonathan began their careers as prosecutors and law enforcement people and thus know what language the prosecution speak.